Tradition and technology

We specialize in restful an reviving sleep with soul purpose to always bring and present everything new and inovating that comes to our field.

We produce a big range of mattresses, pillows, orthopaedic frames so our customers can choose the most relieving and relaxing


Natural elasticity from natural products ( Latex ) all our products have certifications

The products are tested and found antiallergic and 100% healthy

Selfventaliting and humidity regulation is a must for all our mattresses and pillows

Exellent body support based on ergonomic design

Indurance in time, Guaranteed for at least 10 years

Respect to the enviroment and fully recyclable

Quality certified with permanet control

Brand history

The company was founded by mr. Dimitrios Zafiropoulos in 1994, with the soul porpose on importing 100% orthopaedic mattresses from Italy, without spring or coils and very smartly packed in vacuum roles for the easiest and cheapest transport.

The company continued to start production of the mattresses in Greece, widening the cycle of work.

We managed after many years of cooperation's with big names abroad that produce products used in our field, to become soul representatives for or region.

From wholesale we managed in a couple of years time to have 3 retail shops in Thessaloniki and one in Athens, along with franchisee cooperation's in many other cities.